STORFJORD - Norway’s Best Wilderness-esque Western Fjord.

Norway a country with vast natural beauty; is made up of mostly loose rocky mountains and swampy arctic bogland all covered in arctic mountain birch. Norway has been inhabited for over 10 000 years. Therefore, everywhere that it was possible to build a structure there is a structure! And, now Norwegian Wilderness is elusive at best.

Norway’s Western Fjords are world-famous; draw several hundreds of thousand’s visitors every year. From Lysefjord in the south to Storfjord midway up Norway’s western coastline the western fjords are carved out of rugged coastal mountains creating a spectacular canyon like landscape, which have been inhabited since Vikings ruled the waterways. And now with over a thousand years of settlement along the fjords every spot that could feasibly house a farm or settlement has been developed, therefore finding a wilderness experience in the fjords is difficult.

Today the best wilderness-esque fjord system worth paddling is the Fjords of Storfjord. Strofjord with all its arms that lead to Geirangerfjord, Hjørundfjord, and Tafjord is the only wilderness-esque fjord system in western Norway that lets you wild camp on remote-like campsites and be the sole watercraft gliding down empty waterways.

The Fjords of Storfjord
Norway’s Grand Fjord – Storfjord
Norway’s Great Fjord (Storfjord), the surging north Atlantic Ocean meets the majestic Sunnmøre Alps where a giant ravine like fjord carries the surging ocean inland banked by steep sheer walls that give way to towering peaks. Here, the over-whelming majesty of your surroundings hits you with a view like a painted canvas of deep blue water, lush green forests giving way to chiselled rocky peaks, and an endless blue sky with wisps of white.

Hjørundfjord (Heart of the Sunnmøre Apls)
A broad cleft in the Western Sunnmøre Alps reveals a deep canyon like fjord; the sheer walls dropping down from their jagged peaks meet the surging waters of Hjørundfjord. Here, rugged mountains raising 1500m straight up from the waters edge give the fjord a sliver like dimension; deep down in the depths of Hjørundfjord a small tranquil waterway deviates down an Eastern valley, Norang Valley, creating the Norangsfjord and at the very end is the tiny hamlet of Øye. This tiny rural community is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks that stretch back to the banks of Sunnylvs fjord.

Sunnylvsfjord (The Amaranthine Fjord)
Is a North-South running gorge like fjord that connects Storfjord with Geiranger Fjord. Heading east down Storfjord, a navigational light on the north-west corner signals the entrance to Sunnylvsfjord. Turing right around the light and facing due south this amaranthine fjord stretches some 25-30 km south to the tiny hamlet of Hellesylt. Steep mountain walls rising some 1500 m on both sides leaves you with the impression that you are entering a deep canyon.

Geirangerfjord (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Sheer, steep, grey granite and gneiss walls, leafy birch verdant forests, misty thundering waterfalls, and petite mountain ledge farms perched high up on the steep canyon like walls. As the glacier ice receded inland over 10 000 years ago it carved out a spectacular ‘S’ shaped fjord 1500 meters below towering snow-capped mountains flush with mountain lakes, streams and bubbling brooks, creating magnificent waterfalls, and providing life to the crude mountain farms.

Geirangerfjord is Norway’s most famous and iconic fjord. I have paddled the length of Geiranger fjord over 3 500 times; know this fjord far better than anyone else. Geirangerfjord, is very popular during the summer, and therefore can be quite a busy waterway; it does not compare to the busier fjords further south. Over the past 25 years I have seen and experienced everything the fjord has to offer, from hurricane force winds, whales encounters, rock and mud slides, avalanches, boat collisions, soaring sea eagles and playful porpoises. The fjord is our backyard; you will receive the best advise on how and when to paddle the fjord so that you can experience it at it’s absolute best.

This short and stubby waterway, just 12 km long, gives the feeling of paddling a wide lazy river at the bottom of a deep ravine. Sheer granite walls rise to 1500 m on both sides of the fjord giving way to snow-covered mountain peaks that lead to the Reinheimen National Park. Tafjord is also famous for Norway’s most devastating landslide, with two million cubic meters of rock falling directly into the fjord from 700 m up on the mountain Langhamaren creating a tsunami in the fjord, with a wave surge of 62 m as it washed in over the settlements located in the fjord.

If you can’t make it up to the Storfjord then maybe a short-day paddle on one of the other fjord systems, otherwise don’t waste your time and money trying to do a good multi-day sea kayak as none of the other western fjord systems offer anything close to the wilderness-esque experience to that of Storfjord.

Here’s a quick look at the other western fjord systems and an outline of why Storfjord is your best bet for a multi-day sea kayak trip.

Lysefjord is a very short fjord with profuse boat traffic and very limited wild campsites which make it not great for a multi-day self-guided sea kayak trip.

Hardangerfjord and all its arms is overdeveloped with villages, hamlets, and farms, as well as the fjord is expansive and does not give you a true fjord feeling while paddling. Wild camping is very limited and not very private as roads rune down all sides of the fjord.

Sognefjord, Norway’s longest with all its arms including Aurlandsfjord & Nærøyfjord is the heaviest trafficked fjord in Norway. This extremely busy waterway bustles with countless ferry crossings, industrial boat traffic, cruise liners, tourist boats and countless pleasure craft. Also, down all sides of the fjord are roads connecting the never-ending string of villages, hamlets, and towns taking away every and all feeling of wilderness.

Nordfjord – The least scenic and least inviting of all Norway’s Western Fjords. This fjord system is a huge snooze from a paddler’s perspective, with little to see and very limited camping options. It is certainly not ideal for sea kayak touring.


Southern Norway – From Lindesness in the West to Tønsberg in the East is Norwegian cottage country. And every summer Norwegians flock to their seaside cabins and summer homes, adorned with sea going pleasure crafts of every description. All along the coast the waterways are crammed with fast going watercraft carrying partying holidayers. And unfortunately, every year along this stretch a sea kayak or two are struck by fast going boaters who are unaware of their presence!


Oslo Fjord – Is the same as Southern Norway and is not suited for self-guided sea kayak trip.


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Norway, located in the Arctic; its fjord-indented coastline runs along these formidable seas, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea (North Atlantic) and the Arctic Ocean. These oceans bear conditions that are ever-changing, multifarious, challenging and at times treacherous. People have died paddling Norway’s coastal waters! Therefore, anyone planning to paddle these waters should be concerned with receiving the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible, and this is where Kayak More Tomorrow comes in!

Sea Kayaking is inherently dangerous and in the rapidly changing conditions of the North Atlantic – well it goes without saying that knowledge and experience are huge safety factors!

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Norway, a sea kayakers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, cracking campfires, and cozy tents.

The coastal waters of Norway boast some of the best sea kayaking on the planet. Here outer islands break the surge of the North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea.

Personalized trips with our exceptional guides are always in high demand for solo travelers, couples, families, and private groups; these sea kayak trips are our best-selling program. Therefore, booking well in advance is not only prudent it is necessary.

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Sea Kayaking Norway – Sea Kayak Norwegian Fjords

A Quintessential Fjord Paddle – Go Kayaking in Norway!

This Classic Fjords paddle is a must do for every paddler; is well suited for beginners to advanced sea kayakers alike. Join an IFSKGIA certified Guide on a sea kayak/camping journey down Norway’s Wold-Famous Western Fjords. We have guides avaialbe for weekly departures during the summer months of July and August; we provide everything for a fabulous 5 day fully catered paddling & camping trip down Majestic Arctic Fjords.

The highlight's are numerous, from gliding along jade green fjords, tasting fresh sweet water from sparkling creeks, friendly conversation around campfires, delicious camp meals, stretching our legs on well trodden footpaths, taking in majestic vistas, the catch of the day, tales and sagas of days gone by, unbelievable mountain ledge farms, long Scandinavian summer days, and friendly fun-loving KMT guides.

The journey encompasses 100 km with an average paddling duration of 5-6 hours per day, not including breaks; your guide(s) will lead you on a discovery of the world-Famous fjords where you will experience the history and culture of a rugged mountain people and the waterways that connected them.

A marvellous trip with fun-loving professional guides.

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Sea Kayak Norway’s Coast – A Sea kayaker's Quest of Island & Lights

The waterways of Ålesund’s archipelago boast an eldorado of magnificent paddling opportunities; gliding amongst picturesque islands, paddling along steep granite walls of jade green fjords or challenging the rolling waves of the North Atlantic where white sandy beaches speckle outer islands that abound in bird and sea life.

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The Essential Ålesund Island Get-Away

Ålesund, Norway’s Art Nouveau (‘Jugendstil or New Style’) city is situated in a fairy-tale setting of green grassy parks, lush leafy hillsides, Art Nouveau facades with torrents, towers, and sexy curves, and medieval romantic frontispiece, historical maritime landmarks, bustling marinas with gentle waves lapping the rocky shores; it is here we slip into a sea kayak and glide along glistening waterways that give way to specular fjords dotted with a plethora of islands. A secluded campsite where a delicious supper of local delicacies prepared with natural ingredients is served in the great outdoors. A cracking campfire, good company, and warming night-cap rounds off the evening before retiring to a cozy tent for a well-deserved rest. The smell of fresh brewed coffee draws you from your tent and a wholesome breakfast energizes, pushing-off, sea kayaks aimed down the fjord to our inevitable entry back into urbanization and the beautiful art nouveau architecture.

Make sure you save some time during your visit to join Kayak More Tomorrow for An Essential Islands Get-Away (24-30 hours), paddle a sea kayak and camp out in the archipelago!

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The Wild Fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps – A Multi Sport Trip

Bike, hike, and paddle for six days through Western Norway; discover an adventure landscape that will leave you spellbound.

Imagine riding down narrow, winding backroads with lush green-leafy hillsides, slender valleys dotted with pasturelands where lazy livestock graze on the steps of sleepy farm villages and then launch a sea kayak onto a paddlers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, long narrow winding fjords, before hiking rugged mountain trails past ancient huts to grand vistas. This is the essence of a spectacular multi-sport adventure that ventures deep into the wild fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps.

People powered we peddle, paddle and hike seeking out the highlights of Norway’s New Style city, it’s wild fjords and majestic mountains. See first-hand colorful blossoming parks, lush leafy green hillsides, a skyline of art nouveau interspersed with modern architecture, Before, jumping on bikes and heading into the fjords, riding down slender valleys dotted with verdant pastures, quaint farms and grazing livestock lined by towering jagged peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps. The days fly by as we paddle, peddle and wander through these wild fjords which have cut their path deep into the Sunnmøre Alps, creating a surreal landscape that is both awe-inspiring and breathtaking.