Planning a trip Norway? Need reliable information?

The internet has become the go-to for information when planning a trip!

Having lived and worked in Norway for over 20 years has given me unique insight into Norwegians and their traits. They are many things but above all else, they are narcissistic, greedy and cheap; these traits are ever apparent in all they do. The field of tourism is no exception and of course, this includes information services as well.

If you are looking for credible information for a pending visit to Norway, here are some thoughts?

Let’s start with Norway’s main tourist information websites – Visit Norway sites is Norway’s main tourist information site, yet it does not represent or list all tourism companies in Norway. It only lists companies who pay an expensive destination membership fee and/or those who pay for outrageously expensive adds. Any company can pay a destination membership fee, there are no quality, certification, operational standards, nor reliability or track record requirements to be a member, only money! What do you get for your membership fee: an imprecise listing on poor quality websites and an incorrect mention in an illegible local guide pamphlet.

Let’s get local – tourist offices, well they are partially government-funded which means they always need money; they are staffed with non-qualified personal where nepotism plays a huge role. All companies what some exposure through the local tourist office must pay an unreasonably high membership fee. So, if you only want the local bus or ferry schedule they are ok, however, if you want more insightful information go elsewhere. Why, because they are so hungry for money that they will only give you information on paying members or they will try to pressure you to buy products in which they receive financial percentages from member companies. Therefore, don’t blindly trust Norway’s official information channels, also, don’t use them as your only source, as several of Norway’s best tour companies, hotels, and restaurants have grown tired of paying exorbitant rates and are therefore not listed on visit Norway sites!

Online Searches – when doing an online search be careful and don’t just click on company adds, as Norwegians have found that for a relativity cheap price they can pay of an add which lists them first on a search page and in this way fool people into going to their website and potentially buying without checking for better options. We have rescued many frustrated customers from this mistake and then provided them with the trip they had thought they were purchasing.

Web platforms – in Norway it is very important to book directly with an operator, as Norway is a very small country with a limited number of tourists, so companies that sell their trips through other platforms really can’t sell their own products. Norway, one of the world’s most expensive countries to operate in; any booking fees paid out will directly affect the bottom line which in turn potentially affects the quality of its products. Take for example the English web platform, good luck with the companies they use as subcontractors.

Therefore, it is our policy that you can only book your Kayak More Tomorrow adventure throughout own website.

Our best advice is to do a very thorough search and double-check all information carefully.

Jonathan Bendiksen

Jonathan Bendiksen is no ordinary waterman, he’s Norway’s most accomplished sea kayak guide with 2480 guiding days on class 1-4 seas along Norway’s fjord indented coastline; is a certified IFSKGIA/NHKGIF Senior Guide & Instructor plus an accredited IFSKGIA/NHKGIF examiner. A...

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EPIC ITINERARIES BY OUR WORLD RENOWN TRIP DESIGNERS! Personalized trips are always in high demand at Kayak More Tomorrow. Our exceptional guides are in high demand for solo travelers, couples, families, and private groups. Going with a guide is both cost-effective and enables you to get more out of your precious holiday time. Our tailor-made trips are one of our best-selling programs so booking well in advance is not only prudent it is necessary.

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The Nordland Sea Kayak Challenge

Pursuant to Kayak More Tomorrow’s leading role in the sea kayaking industry it is our obligation to challenge our product line and the industry as a whole. We bring to you Expedition Sea Kayaking, a trip that is designed for those who are looking for the next level in guided sea kayak trips.

Expedition Sea Kayaking will give you the opportunity to explore a coastline with an Expedition Leader, an accomplished professional sea kayaker who has logged thousands of sea kayaking miles exploring the world’s coastlines. KMT expedition leaders are intimately knowledgeable of Nordland’s coastline and its waterways.

An Expedition Sea Kayak Trip requires the right location with, challenging waterways, protected harbors, majestic vistas, and intriguing wildlife encounters. Kayak More Tomorrow’s sea kayak specialists after having explored a world of waterways have found that the Providence of Nordland in Norway’s Arctic is the perfect venue for a Sea Kayak Expedition Challenge.

North Norway’s Providence of Nordland is a seemingly endless island world with giant fjords, immense plains, and remote mountain borders. The landscape in Northern Norway is ceaselessly varied, unspoiled, magnificent, awe-inspiring and beautiful; the perfect backdrop for a month-long sea kayak expedition.

Nordland, Norway a sea kayaking eldorado, to the west lie the islands some only visible at low tide others tower more than a thousand meters above the sea. A long Helgeland’s coast there are thousands of tiny islands tens of kilometers from the shore whereas most are flat, but some rise up in strange mountain formations. The Lofoten Islands, dark violet, ancient craggy peaks rise like pyramids; these large islands lie like miniature continents with their mountains, forests and agricultural land, surrounded by the seaways of this awe-inspiring archipelago. Steeped in myths, sagas, fairy tales, and folklore Nordland’s many famous landmarks have contributed to these telling’s, Torghatten, Seven Sisters of Alsten, Hestmannen, Rødøyløve, Landego, Vestfjorden & Vågakallen are just a few that we will discover while paddling Nordland’s spectacular coast.

The Nordland Sea Kayak challenge begins at the southernmost end of the providence where we paddle North to the Northern border of the Troms, Providence in the Lofoten Islands. We meet in Brønnøysund, Nordland’s most southern city. Brønnøysund is a quaint coastal city that once was a major trading center on the sailing route from Bergen to the Lofoten Islands; it is here we do the final preparations of our sea kayak journey through Nordland.

The Nordland Challenge is unlike any other sea kayaking trip. There is no set route, planned stopping places or scheduled overnight campsites. This is a journey, a discovery in its truest sense with everyday unique and undetermined waiting to unfold as we navigate our way through numerous archipelagos, fjords & charming northern settlements

Your KMT expedition leader will lay out a general plan for the challenge with sectional breakdowns and daily objectives. You will discover hidden places and uncover the secrets of this ancient coastal culture. You will camp, stay in cabins, guesthouses, and rorbus and enjoy camp meals, picnics, and local specialty dishes prepared by the region’s best chefs as you paddle your way north.

This is an unprecedented trip in which bragging rights belong to those who paddle this journey; tales from the challenge will be the envy of the cocktail circuit.

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Highlights Of Ålesund’s Archipelago

This Ålesund tour highlights both place and activity; the whole experience comes together when elements of intimate local knowledge combine with a professional adventure trip designer.

The glistening waterways surrounding Ålesund entice and adventure beckons! Ålesund is a fairytale setting of green grassy parks, lush leafy hillsides, Art Nouveau facades with torrents and sexy curves, historical maritime landmarks, bustling marinas with gentle waves lapping the rocky shores. Here we slip into a sea kayak and glide along glistening waterways that give way to specular fjords dotted with a plethora of islands.

We reach a secluded campsite where a delicious supper of local delicacies prepared with natural ingredients is served in the great outdoors. A crackling fire, good company, and warming night-cap rounds off the evening before retiring to a cozy tent for a well-deserved rest. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee draws you from your tent and a wholesome breakfast energizes, pushing-off, sea kayaks aimed down the fjord to our inevitable entry back into urbanization and the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture.

An intricate archipelago that boasts untold secrets, a hidden campsite known only to an exclusive few, the eminent ingredients for micro-adventure. A visit to Ålesund is not complete without exploring the archipelago the city is built on! So make sure you save some time during your visit for KMT’s micro-tour (24 hours), paddle a sea kayak and camp out in the archipelago.

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Sea Kayak Norway’s Coast – 3-Day Paddle Mania of Island & Lights

The waterways of Ålesund’s archipelago boast an eldorado of magnificent paddling opportunities; gliding amongst picturesque islands, paddling along steep granite walls of jade green fjords or challenging the rolling waves of the North Atlantic where white sandy beaches speckle outer islands that abound in bird and sea life.

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