It’s shocking and it gets worse every year!

Most ‘sea kayak guides’ working in Norway call themselves certified sea kayak guides. However, most are not and in many cases, they only say that they are certified and provide no proof of certification.

It is very easy to find out if your sea kayak guide is certified – all certified guides working in Norway are listed on the NHKGIF website.

If your guide is not on one of the lists of licensed guides or instructors on the NHKGIF’s website, then they are not certified, period.

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Master Classes

With 40 years of outdoor leadership, guiding, coaching, and educating, Jonathan Bendiksen has paddled, surfed, climbed, biked, and skied all over the world. Arranging and leading trips from the far reaches of the Arctic down to the Antarctic and along the coastlines of 3 oceans. In his Master Class, Jonathan will share his unique perspective and give you the tools needed to paddle confidently and safely whether it be in your local bay, on a multi-week exploration along a distant coastline or wherever you sense of adventure takes you.

Book a private class, for your family, group, club, or organization. Jonathan has a wealth of experience instructing in every educational setting.

750 EUR