Into the Future – of Outdoor Adventure Travel!

Kayak More Tomorrow has been consistently on the cutting edge of the outdoor travel industry and our model for doing business is proving to be the perfect mode for the outdoor travel industry during these unprecedented times – our philosophy of private small group travel with your own personal Tour Leader is particularly well-suited to these unusual times.

Sea Kayaking Norway is a great trip for these challenging times!

In today’s world, our style of travel is more resonant than ever – paddling, hiking, and biking in wide open beautiful spaces, far from crowds and off the beaten path in your own private group and with your own personal Tour Leader. No bus tours here: our trips have always been small, offering plenty of opportunities to socialize without being squeezed together.

However, when we are all back and getting out there, we will not be satisfied with the “business as usual” idea. We are looking at every aspect of how we run our trips, with the overall focus being the safety and comfort of our guests.

Here is a brief outline of the extra precautions we have already put in place:

1. Food Preparation

All our Tour Leaders are trained in food handling safety and in addition, will be receiving enhanced training on WHO safety guidelines. This year, they will also be wearing gloves and face coverings during food preparation.

2. Equipment & Vehicles

Every piece of gear that needs it will get a daily cleaning, as will all common surface areas in our vehicles.

3. Hotels

We have carefully selected the hotels on our trips because of their high standards of quality. We are asking all our hotel operators to abide by an enhanced safety protocol for cleaning and physical distancing.

4. Face Coverings (2020)

We recommend that all guests bring their preferred face coverings, whether they are stylish patterned buffs, face masks, or simple bandanas. We will have a small supply on hand if you forget.

5. Staying Informed & Keeping You Up to Date

We’re always monitoring what is happening in the world and how it impacts our trips. The COVID crisis is no exception. The latest recommendations from the WHO, along with local authorities where we travel, are guiding our decisions now and into the season. We will communicate any pertinent information related to your departure by email, so you are always in the loop.

There is plenty more we could say about the groundwork we are laying for our return to leading trips, but for now, we simply want to say that we are looking forward to having you join us for an adventure, and we hope you’ll find that an adventure with Kayak More Tomorrow is the perfect way to celebrate getting out of the house.

Booking a Future Trip

Our 2021 dates are now available for booking! We will be here when you are ready to book your next adventure.

*Note* As we have learned over the past few months, what makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow. Please understand that we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice due to this very fluid and unpredictable situation.

Group Size
At least 1


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OUTFIT YOUR SELF-GUIDED SEA KAYAK TRIP from KAYAK MORE TOMORROW with the best gear, most comprehensive route and safety information, & best trip support!

Norway, located in the Arctic; its fjord-indented coastline runs along these formidable seas, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea (North Atlantic) and the Arctic Ocean. These oceans bear conditions that are ever-changing, multifarious, challenging and at times treacherous. People have died paddling Norway’s coastal waters! Therefore, anyone planning to paddle these waters should be concerned with receiving the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible, and this is where Kayak More Tomorrow comes in!

Sea Kayaking is inherently dangerous and in the rapidly changing conditions of the North Atlantic – well it goes without saying that knowledge and experience are huge safety factors!

Kayak More Tomorrow has amassed the most in-depth information on paddling Norwegian coastal waters, period. No other company or organization even comes close. Our outfitting program provides you with the most compressive, detailed information on your chosen route, including but not limited to, route details, camping sites, emergency take-outs, fresh water & groceries, current climatic conditions, sea state, tides & currents, tips, and recommendations based on our extensive experience paddling Norwegian waterways. Everything you need for a fun, safe, paddle along Norway’s majestic coastline.

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At least 1


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Norway, a sea kayakers paradise, with rock gardens, white sandy beaches, playful seals, kelp forests, surging tides, soaring sea eagles, historical lighthouses, funky currents, cracking campfires, and cozy tents.

The coastal waters of Norway boast some of the best sea kayaking on the planet. Here outer islands break the surge of the North Atlantic before it descends long deep fjords winding through granite spires rising like giant monoliths from the foaming sea.

Personalized trips with our exceptional guides are always in high demand for solo travelers, couples, families, and private groups; these sea kayak trips are our best-selling program. Therefore, booking well in advance is not only prudent it is necessary.

5 days
Group Size
At least 1

Sea Kayaking Norway – Sea Kayak Norwegian Fjords

A Quintessential Fjord Paddle – Go Kayaking in Norway!

This Classic Fjords paddle is a must do for every paddler; is well suited for beginners to advanced sea kayakers alike. Join an IFSKGIA certified Guide on a sea kayak/camping journey down Norway’s Wold-Famous Western Fjords. We have guides avaialbe for weekly departures during the summer months of July and August; we provide everything for a fabulous 5 day fully catered paddling & camping trip down Majestic Arctic Fjords.

The highlight's are numerous, from gliding along jade green fjords, tasting fresh sweet water from sparkling creeks, friendly conversation around campfires, delicious camp meals, stretching our legs on well trodden footpaths, taking in majestic vistas, the catch of the day, tales and sagas of days gone by, unbelievable mountain ledge farms, long Scandinavian summer days, and friendly fun-loving KMT guides.

The journey encompasses 100 km with an average paddling duration of 5-6 hours per day, not including breaks; your guide(s) will lead you on a discovery of the world-Famous fjords where you will experience the history and culture of a rugged mountain people and the waterways that connected them.

A marvellous trip with fun-loving professional guides.

3 days
Group Size
At least 1

Sea Kayak Norway’s Coast – A Sea kayaker's Quest of Island & Lights

The waterways of Ålesund’s archipelago boast an eldorado of magnificent paddling opportunities; gliding amongst picturesque islands, paddling along steep granite walls of jade green fjords or challenging the rolling waves of the North Atlantic where white sandy beaches speckle outer islands that abound in bird and sea life.