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We are known for pioneering avant-garde trips with outstanding customer service and a world-class, certified, professional guide team! When the quality of your trip matters, Kayak More Tomorrow is a perfect choice! Why?
  • We brought commercial sea kayak touring to Norway in the 1990s, where we designed and led Norway’s first-ever guided adventure trips.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of the needs & desires of adventure travelers is reflected in everything we do!
  • We have an unsurpassed track record on delivering safe, unique, fun, and innovative trips & tours, all centered around our infinite knowledge of the places we travel.
  • We design trend-setting tours, then perfect them through guiding thousands of guests on each and every one!
  • Our meticulous customer service along with our exceptionally high standards in all we do sets us apart from all others operating in Norway!
  • And, simply put – you’ll have a great time with us!

Kayak More Tomorrow’s Founder

Jonathan Bendiksen

Jonathan Bendiksen

Jonathan Bendiksen is no ordinary waterman, he’s Norway’s most accomplished sea kayak guide with 2480 guiding days on class 1-4 seas along Norway’s fjord indented coastline; is a certified IFSKGIA/NHKGIF Senior Guide & Instructor plus an accredited IFSKGIA/NHKGIF examiner. A pioneer of commercial sea kayaking, legendary trip designer and lead guide who has designed and guided sea kayaks trips from the Lofoten Islands down through the western fjords as far south as Kristiansand.



The year was 1998 and Jonathan Bendiksen, a renowned adventure trip designer and a professional sea kayaker, set out on a 3-month paddle through the Loofen and Vesteralan Islands in Northern Norway; from his exploration, the first-ever commercial sea kayak trip In Norway was born.

The following years he set out to paddle Norway's entire spectacular fjord indented coastline on a discovery for adventure trip venues. During his paddle, he uncovered several fantastic outdoor adventure venues, which were deemed "Norway's most spectacular sea kayaking areas", the Lofoten Islands, Heldgeland's Coast, and Western Fjords.

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Let Our Vast Experience Give You Peace Of Mind

When you're planning a kayaking Norway route, you want to work with a team that gets out there regularly and really knows the destination. Norway is our great big playground, and we have kayaked through this stunning scenery hundreds of times. We know the unique needs of explorers like us.Our self-guided tours send you off with a hearty homemade picnic lunch complete with local Norwegian specialties. We take care of the details that prepare you for a fantastic paddling experience, so you can discover this extraordinary area's historic landmarks and grand vistas.


After 20 years of exploring, designing, and guiding sea kayak trips and tours in Norway and having paddled with over 200 000 satisfied guests allows us the benefit of not having to prove ourselves as Norway’s go-to sea kayak professionals.

Word-class Guide Team

We are known for pioneering avant-garde trips with outstanding customer service and a world-class, certified, professional guide team!


Our trips are designed for all levels from sea kayaking to bicycling and hiking all the way down from the Lofoten Islands along the coast to Berge, Kayak More Tomorrow truly has it all!


Paddle your kayak Along The Coast Of Norway

Kayak More Tomorrow is located in Norway a country of northern Europe that occupies the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula. The average temperature hovers around freezing in late November and early March, while it's mild in the three summer months (June, July, and August). About two-thirds of Norway is mountainous, and off its much-indented coastline lie, carved by deep glacial fjords, some 50,000 islands which are perfect for fishing, hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

Frequently asked questions

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To some extent – yes. Sometimes we will have to because the weather isn’t always ideal and we want to stay in shallow, calm waters to keep the trip enjoyable.

No. All our trips are private. Just you, your loved ones and our guide team.

Absolutely. You can wear your earphones, but make sure to protect your gadgets from water.

Sea Kayak Adventure Awaits.

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