5 Gorgeous Norwegian Islands You Must See

Norwegian Islands

Travel to Norway usually involves excursions into the fjords, and rightfully so. But along with the mighty fjords are the innumerable islands that dot the Norwegian coast.

Many of these islands link together to form a chain or archipelago. Intrepid travelers with a sense of adventure travel to Norway to kayak among the archipelago islands. Hikers can take one of the many hiking trails that criss-cross the islands.

If you will be traveling by car, it is possible to take a scenic road trip between some of the islands in a Norwegian archipelago, stopping along the way for pictures.

No matter your preferred mode of transport, you will find many beautiful islands and amazing archipelagos in Norway to stir your travel dreams. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Head To One Of Largest Norwegian Islands

Beautiful Senja island is the second largest of the Norwegian islands. The island is surrounded by mountains and covered in hiking trails. Perhaps the most popular hike is Segla, a strenuous hike of 5 km roundtrip.

Here are just a few things to look forward to when you visit Senja:

  • Check out the viewpoint at Bergsbotn for the perfect spot to see the stunning scenery
  • That tiny island you can see just south is Dyroya island; it’s Senja’s little sister
  • The small fishing village of Husoy offers visitors a chance to stay in one of the traditional fishing cabins on the water’s edge

Senja is also home to Anderdalen National Park. When you visit the park, plan to take the “Senja pa langs” (Senja from north to south) hiking route that cuts through the middle of the park. The route is relatively flat. You will likely see an abundance of reindeer and may even glimpse a moose.

Vagsoy – The Island Of Lighthouses

If lighthouses are your thing, then Vagsoy island is for you. Vagsoy is home to Krakenes, Skongenes, Hendanes, and Ulvesun lighthouses. If you like, it is even possible to stay in Krakenes or Skongenes lighthouse.

Vagsoy’s tiny town of Maloy is one of Norway’s most important fishing ports. Each year Maloy is responsible for preserving, processing, and exporting almost 200,000 tons of fish.

On the north side of the island lies Refvik beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Norwegian islands. Refvik beach is 1.5 km of beautiful white sand. Perfect for a lazy summer holiday.

Check Out The Fishing Villages On Moskenesoya In The Lofoten Islands

For stunning scenery and quaint fishing villages in the Norwegian islands, look no further than Moskenesoya.

The village of Hamnoy is postcard perfect. The village is on the eastern side of Moskenesoya, in the Loften Islands, a 5.3 km drive northeast of the town of Reine. Most of the stunning Instagram pictures you see of quaint red fishing huts perched on the water’s edge are taken here.

Another famous fishing village in the Lofotens is the town of Reine. From Reine’s Reinebringen viewpoint, you can see the three fishing villages of Hamnoy, Reine, and Sakrisoy. Getting to the viewpoint involves a steep climb up 1560 stone stairs, but who’s counting? If you can do the climb, the view is well worth the effort.

Get back to nature by taking the trail to beautiful Kvalvika beach. The beach can only be accessed on foot. The hike can be slippery, so stone steps and a wooden walkway have been added to make the path safer.

Summer Golfing 24 Hours A Day In The Lofoten Archipelago

There is a remote spot on the island of Gimsoy, where golf can be played 24 hours a day during the months of June and July. The midnight sun shines its light over Lofoten Links and gives golfers a unique chance to play 18 holes during the time when most golfers are sleeping.

If you enjoy seeing quaint local villages, then check out the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum. By wandering through the authentic buildings and looking through the exhibits, you will better understand what daily life was like for Norwegian fishermen.

After visiting the museum, check out the Nusfjord historic fishing village. Nusfjord is one of the best-preserved Norwegian fishing villages and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the north side of the island, you can have a stunning view of the Norwegian Sea. The area is a popular spot to sit and admire the midnight sun.

Austvagoy – The Northernmost Island In The Lofoten Archipelago

The lovely island of Austvagoy provides an excellent gateway to the archipelago. Visitors can fly into the small, regional Svolvaer Airport and stay in the town of Svolvaer before heading out to the islands.

If you are traveling on one of the Hurtigruten ships, there is a port call at Svolvaer. Ferry connections can be made to the nearby island of Skrova.

Traditional fishing cabins are available for accommodations that give you that fully immersive travel experience.

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